Custom Designs

At Loy Harn Jewelers, we specialize in bringing your unique visions to life with our custom design services. Whether you desire a piece crafted from specially ordered materials or wish to breathe new life into heirloom treasures, our skilled jewelers are here to collaborate with you. Visit us for a personal consultation where we'll discuss your ideas, inspirations, and the design you're dreaming of. From there, we embark on the creative journey together, ensuring that the final piece is of the highest quality and perfectly tailored to your individual style. Let's create something extraordinary together.

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Jewelry Repair

At Loy Harn Jewelers, your cherished timepieces and jewelry are treated with the expertise and care they deserve. Our master technicians offer comprehensive repair services for both watches and jewelry, ensuring that your precious items are restored to their original splendor. Whether it's a family heirloom needing delicate attention or a modern piece requiring precise restoration, we employ traditional craftsmanship and the latest technology to deliver impeccable results. Trust us to maintain the integrity and beauty of your valuables with our meticulous repair services. Visit us and experience the revival of your beloved treasures.

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