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“I have always appreciated the heartfelt kindness that Loy Harn Jewelers has offered me for over 25 years.  The highlight was when they helped me to create a beautiful custom pearl and diamond necklace for my daughter’s wedding a few years ago.”

-Ann Apperson, P.A., Mt. Pleasant, SC

“The team at Loy Harn was wonderful to work with.  I can’t imagine a better experience for creating my DREAM engagement ring!  It was like they took the picture out of my head, made it, and now I get to smile every time I look at my hand.”

-Amber Dover, Mt. Pleasant, SC

“I knew Loy Harn for a very long time.  He created a number of one-of-a-kind custom pieces for me over they years.  Though I am sad that he is no longer here, his son, Jason, and his staff are just as sweet.  They have continued to create custom pieces for me and I would highly recommend going there!”

-Dana Woodberry, Mt. Pleasant, SC